Autoresponders: A Newcomers Guide

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One of the more prevalent methods to earn money on the internet is by creating an Internet Marketing business that does Affiliate Marketing or full ecommerce.  I think you would like to do so too which might be one of the reasons why you’re checking out this article.

If you do not employ or have access to autoresponders, earning money online might simply stay a fantasy for you. This is an ideal device you can use in your day to day selling activities to save time and money.

What’s an Autoresponder?
Autoresponders automate the process of sending pre-programmed email messages.  The autoresponder is able to send sequences of messages in scheduled release or specific emails at precise dates and times.  Messages are just sent to members of your mailing list.  In the first case the messages are sent out relative and in order from when the member first joins the emailing list. The second, or broadcast type, are sent out to everyone regardless of when they joined.  Because these messages are just sent out to those that have requested them they aren’t considered SPAM, even though they may have commercial messages.  To be SPAM a message must arrive unannounced and be unsolicited.

If you intend to start your internet based business on shoestring budget, there are free of charge autoresponders you can avail yourself of.  However, these versions frequently have their bad sides.  The commonest draw back to free of charge autoresponders are the advertisements that are inserted into your emails.  These distract from your message and send your recipients the wrong idea.

Messages have got to tie in with the Interests of your Readers
The emails you send out to your list via your autoresponder must be content or messages related to the niche you are promoting as well as the interests of the subscriber.  This way, when you send out emails or messages, you will be sending out material that relates to both your business and its products and the needs of your potential customers.  If you want to do it right, then it’s truly necessary that you plan the direction of your messages prior to sending them out.

Set up your messages in advance
You can try loading about fifty messages at first. If you send out one per week then this would translate to an entire year of messaging.  If you have troubles coming up with that much content to send out, then you can search online for free resources you can use to augment your own.  Search for so called “private label rights” content aka PLR.  The great thing about the autoresponder is that once it’s setup, members of your list will get your messages on a regular basis without further work on your part.  And if you cannot complete this many messages all at once, you can begin with a dozen or so and attach additional messages later.

Add your Signature
Once you have preloaded your autoresponders with content, it’s time to set up your signature.  Your signature is a small message at the end of your content that shows on every message sent out.   It should contain your name and hyperlinks to relevant web pages on your company web site.  You can also employ this section or a small postscript (PS) to write an advertisement or call to action from your recipients.  You could also use it to write a quick description of your business enabling your customers to see you as a professional.  

Test your messages
Lastly, you need to try out these emails to make sure that they appear as you expect them to.  When they look as you want you can begin sending them out.  You have to decide in advance how frequently messages are going to be despatched.  Too frequently and your reader may feel interrupted. Too infrequently and the reader could forget about you.  Once a week is a good starting point.  You can also determine or decide the initial message a client can receive when they enroll to your list.  

The Autoresponder is so adaptable you get to chose the what and when of each message you send to your emailing list members.  Once you have begun building your emailing list and experienced the power in autoresponders, you will soon realize that it is a very critical tool you cannot do without.


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