Tourism And Thriller, Movie Review : The Tourist.

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The Tourist, a movie review

Director                :  Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Genre                   :  Thriller.

                The title is appealing for tourism worker like me although it may be misleading.  At first glance I thought it was not a thriller movie but a romance film.  I just t realized the genre when I read the lead.  I was really impressed by the beauty of Paris and Venice as I watched it.  The pictures of the city, the country and the hotel are really amazing.

As usual Angelina Jolie played well as an Ellise Ward, American tourist visiting Italy.  The police have been following her because her lover stole a great amount of money.  On a train she met Frank Tupello (Johnny Depp), a math teacher from America.  Meanwhile a gang is also following Frank because they suspected him as the thief who stole their money.

The suspense is built within this frame.  One morning Frank woke up in a luxurious hotel and confused as he did not find Ellise.  Several minutes later two armed men chased him.  He had to run on top of houses and finally arrested by the police.  Instead of finding protection he was handed to the gang.  Ellise saved him and they ran by a small boat.

At the end of the story there is a surprise.  We are directed toward a certain conclusion but at the end the facts is different.  If you want to know what the surprise is, you’d better watch the movie yourself.  The storyline is one of the elements that make this movie interesting.

As any thriller film we are familiar with, this film also shows us violence scenes.  There are many scenes of shooting, chasing and fights.  But there is also nice background music.  The music is soft, light classic which is very harmonious with the scenes.  We can also enjoy the beauty of Venice and Paris. 

The strength of this film is in its music, beautiful landscape of Europe and the storyline.  The part that I think can be developed is the humor. Perhaps the scenes of chasing can be developed into humor.


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