Alas! Obama is Following Foot Steps of George Bush

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Alas! Obama is Following Foot Steps of George Bush

brotee mukhopadhyay

America is the sacred land where dreams of humanity are fulfilled. America is the chosen land where people from different regions of the globe desire to reach to fulfill their cherished dreams. America is the gifted land where humans dare dream despite odds and obstacles. Why this is so? America has been blessed with the wonderful people who hold bull dog tenacity to solve any problem which appears as hindrance or which seems to appear as a wall on their way to accomplishment. America will be remembered in the history of civilization as a country where people from all over the world have engaged in moving the wheel of history for a long tenure.

Despite this is so, American people are not always fortunate. It should be added tat they are not fortunate not because of any of their misdeeds or shortcomings.  This is because of the fact that America has drawn very strong criticism from both sides of the hemisphere for the policies adopted by their legislators or politicians who are really powerful. American people should review if it is anything good for their political managers to be hurled with condemnation from several corners.

The American political leaders are famous for their inclination towards war. Nearly half of the armaments sold in the international markets are produced in the USA. Most of the movies made in Hollywood contain stories related to warfare. Most of the toys for the children manufactured and marketed in America are about revolver, tank, assault rifle, light machine gun and such other substances used in the battle field. On the other hand, huge number of books published in this country tells the tales of warfare.

President Obama was awarded Nobel Prize for Peace by the Swedish Nobel Committee for his contribution to international peace. This is his rise to the zenith after getting elected as the President of America. People in general have thought that they would have some positive experiences when he was elected as the President of America. His recent speech in favor of attacking Libya justifying UN’s mandate to enforcement of No Fly Zone is, for all rational purposes, heart-breaking. This has raised some unpalatable questions:

a)       Should it be taken as granted that American Presidents cannot go to sleep for a single night without engaging the great nation in war?

b)       George Bush has been condemned for his Iraq invasion. Would President Obama like to welcome the same appreciation of the global humans for his decision to participate in the war in Libya?

c)       America has enormous oil resources. Why, still, its political CEOs have been choosing war for oil in the Arab world?

d)       Would it be glorious for the American people if they are tagged with terms like ‘imperialist’ when they are, in their own country, all for democracy?

Military intervention in a foreign country thousands of miles away from America for any kind of plea manifests poor taste and improper health of a nation which is unfortunately America.


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