What a Woman Expects in a Man

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The attraction between a man and a woman is a universal phenomenon. Is this attraction fleeting? Or is it long lasting? What determines what happens? There are several factors involved. If you take the teenagers, the attraction is mainly sexual. The surging hormones are mainly responsible for this phenomenon. It is this attraction which results in school children having premarital sex. Teenage pregnancies are on the increase. This is infatuation. The girls in the schools are attracted by boys who are most popular and who are good looking. In fact several girls fight for the attention of the most handsome and most popular boy. This results in petty jealousies. But the same girls, after a few years, when they become more mature, would not behave in a similar fashion. When women want permanent relationships, they look for several things. What are they?

Is he handsome?

How a man looks is important. But this factor does not have a pride of place in the calculations of a woman. Obtaining a good looking man would be a bonus. But that is not the key factor. We can frequently come across couples where the man and the woman are different as far as looks are concerned. Many a times we across families where the woman is stunning in looks and the man is very average looking. But many of such couples lead a blissful life. This can also happen where the man is absolutely handsome and the woman is very plain. What makes the chemistry between these people work out? It is obvious that good looks alone are not sufficient for a lasting relationship between a man and a woman.

Is he rich?

Everybody knows that money is important. When a woman is looking for a life partner, she will definitely look at his financial status. Nobody wants to marry a pauper. These things will happen only in films. At the same time women do not look at money alone. What is the gain in marrying a man who is not a man of character and probably a notorious womaniser?

Men should be caring

Women generally prefer men who are soft and kind. When somebody is kind to others, he will be kind to his wife and children. Women prefer a helpful person. When a man is out to solve the problems of others, he is more than likely to be attentive about the problems of his own family. Moreover, a man has to be understanding. He should understand what his wife wants. More importantly, he must have the patience to listen to the views of his wife. The union between a man and a woman is not about sex alone. For a very good and lasting relationship, there should be union of minds. Women do not prefer macho men. They would rather have somebody who can tackle a problem without getting into arguments and fights.  

On a personal level, I prefer to yield to my wife’s desires. In the Indian context, a woman leaves everything behind to be with her husband. This is the least a husband can do.


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