How to Save Money With Driving

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You can carpool whenever appropriate to save money, like going to work, school or shopping. You should carpool whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Small car

Small car cost less gas. You can’t save when you drive a four runner. It’s not a good idea unless you have a big family. You should change to a small car to save money.

New car

A new car can save more money because you don’t have to fix it and it will give good gas mileage. You should always invest in a new decent car.

Unload car

If you have your entire apartment in there, you should unload it so that it will be lighter and you will save a lot of money on gas mileage. Plus, it will look much nicer that way. There are people who drive around with their entire apartment in it and that cost a lot.

Drive smoothly

When you drive smoothly, it will save you more gas. If you break and then go and then break every five minutes, it will cost a lot of gas to start from the beginning.

Only when needed

You should only drive when you need to drive. People just cruise around for no reasons and this will cost a lot of money. You should only drive when you need to drive.

Electric car

This can save gas money. They’re more efficient for the economy.


You can save tons of money by sharing with your family. You should not have to pay for every single little thing. If your parents don’t use it as much, you can borrow it once in awhile. Sharing will definitely reduce your cost.


You can save a lot of money by using the bus if you don’t drive much, such as the elderly or senior citizens. You can get everything done by the bus. You don’t really need to drive. It’s dangerous for senior citizens to drive anyways. It only cost about $60 for a monthly pass and half of a discount if you’re ill or if you’re a senior citizen. You can ride unlimited with a monthly pass daily.


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