Best Places You Have to Visit in Vegas

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The strip

It’s obvious that you can’t miss the strip since most casinos are here unless you’re staying somewhere else downtown or in another city. The strip is the most spectacular attraction of Las Vegas for those that don’t know anything about Las Vegas. There are people who have never been to Vegas.

Playboy nightclub

OK, if you like women and more women then you have to visit the Playboy nightclub at the Palms. If you’re a man, you will love this place. It’s filled with beautiful women. You might just not want to leave. It’s fancy and it’s blast there. You can also enjoy a lot of concerts and shows at the Palms, however, they’re one of the best casino in Las Vegas, in terms of visual art.

Rio Buffet

It’s one of the best Buffets around Las Vegas, you can enjoy the world’s feast for around $29 and it’s very affordable. You should spend most of your money on dining because the food here is fantastic. You should enjoy the Rio buffet and other around Las Vegas.

UFC fights

UFC is at the Mandalay Bay. The fights are great. They’re here often so you might be able to catch one. It’s affordable and the place is big enough. The service is great there too.


There are so many circuits here. If you love gymnastics then this is the place for you. Gymnastics are great so you should spend some money and take your date here. The Wynn’s Le Reve is great or O circuit at the Bellgio. They’re all good here in Las Vegas. If you like music, you can try Celine Dion or Cher at Ceasars place.

Phantom of the Opera

You can also try Plantom of the Opera too. Phantom of the Opera is one of the best musical ever and it’s right here at the Venetian. It can be romantic to go here. It’s great for your date or family.

Water fountain of Bellagio

You can’t miss the water fountain at the Bellagio. It’s in front of Bellagio. It’s free. You have water dancing to opera music, nothing is better than this. You can enjoy the night away in front of the fountain of Bellagio.

New York rides

If you have children, you can take them to the New York rides at New York New York rides. It’s fun and it’s great for children. They will love it.

Tao nightclubs

If you love clubbing then Tao nightclub is a great choice. It’s one of the best nightclubs in Vegas. You will run into a lot of celebrities. If you like the Asian theme then this is for you, but the fun is all here and the service is excellent.


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