Romantic Things to do in Vegas

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Eiffel tower

It’s romantic and there’s nothing better than the Eiffel tower. You have to try the tower. You will need to pay and then you can take the elevator up there. You will get to see the entire city up in the tower. It’s inside Paris casino. It’s one of the best casinos out there.

Dining out

Las Vegas has some of the best chefs here so you have to dine out. You can’t miss the dining out in Vegas. The dining part is one of the best features of Las Vegas. Elegant restaurant, good food, good service, is all you need. Rio buffet is a great place. Bally is another great place. If you like French food, you can try Paris casino. Bellagio is also another fantastic place.


There are so many elegant and fancy nightclubs in Las Vegas. You can’t miss this part about Las Vegas. You have to hit the nightclubs. There are nightclubs at each casino but you should know about some of the best here include Playboy, Wynn’s Blush, Tao, Pure, or Lavo. You will run into celebrities parties. They’re fancy and will blow you away. It will cost guys around $30 to get in and women are free if you’re from Vegas.


Shopping is great also here. There are tons of shopping center but they’re expensive so you should not shop if you’re on a budget. There are tons of souvenirs shopping center.

Getting married

So you really want to be romantic then you should try getting married here. People do it all the time and it’s inexpensive too. You can get in a Chapel and get one. It’s a great idea for the holiday, to be romantic.

Grand Canyon trip

There are tours here and one of those is the Grand Canyon trip. It’s a helicopter tour. It’s affordable. You can sign up for it on the strip. It could be a great experience and romantic too.


There are so many bars in Vegas, and you can’t miss it at all. You would love the bars here. You should try the Bars and order yourself a Pina Colada. Drinks are great and fancy and affordable.

Walking the strip

It could be one of the most romantic things out there, especially in the night time, the lights are up and it’s just lovely. You will get to see the best side of Vegas. The weather is much better out in the night time too.


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