How to Avoid Allergies at Home

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Allergy is caused by exaggerated reaction of our immune system to foreign substances.  These substances which trigger allergic reactions are known as allergens.  Unfortunately most of the allergens are found at home, where people long to be happy and healthy with their loved ones.  Fortunately most of the allergens can be avoided.  

How to Avoid Allergies at Home:

Here are some allergens and tips on how to reduce them: 

  • Dust mites (tiny creatures) are believed to be one of the main causes of allergies like asthma.  Surprising fact is that an average mattress contains more than 2 million dust mites.  More than 80 per cent of the people who suffer from asthma are allergic to dust mites.  Periodic cleaning of the house with vacuum cleaner prevents accumulation of these allergens.  It is better to avoid carpets as far as possible.  Bedrooms should not have carpets.  Pillows should have cases.  Bedsheets should be washed frequently.  It is advisable to wash them once every week.  Who ever is allergic should wear a mask while vacuuming.  

  • Molds which are usually found in the dark and damp areas like bathroom, kitchen, basement etc can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.  The best way to avoid them is by preventing dampness.  Houses should be ventilated properly.  Some recommend usage of air purifiers.  But being closer to nature is better.  

  • Pollens trigger asthmatic reaction in some.  But it is a challenge to avoid them as they are air borne.  Best way is to keep the windows closed.  Or an air purifier may be used.  There are many air purifiers of various reputed brands available in the market.  

  • Pets are adorable.  But pet dander is a disadvantage of having them around.  They cause allergic reactions.  Only option appears to be to avoid having cats or dogs at home.  Or appropriate precautions should be taken.  

  • Chemicals in pesticides cause allergic reaction in some.  It is better to avoid them and go for non toxic natural pesticides.  They are cheaper and safer.  

Being aware of what a person is allergic to, helps one in avoiding them at home.  



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