The Worth of a Woman

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Having just wound up the annual Women’s Weekend at my church, I am tired and relieved, yet energized and inspired. In attending the various events I am always surprised to see another side of my sisters that I don’t get to see inside the church walls. I learn so much about their personalities that doesn’t come out in a choir rehearsal.

I also get to hear some words of wisdom from awesome and powerful women of God, empowering words that motivate me to keep reaching higher in every area of my life. The main focus of the discussions, sermons and teachings that went forth was, of course, our spiritual life, but some simply served as a reminder of some of the good attributes that women possess.

Now I readily admit that some women are catty, competitive, shallow, materialistic, manipulative, petty and even vindictive. But as a whole, womankind has the stuff that has allowed our species to survive thus far.

Women Are Strong

Women are the very backbone of the family and the church. We are there making sure things get done even if we (as is often the case) have to do it ourselves.  We will work two jobs to ensure our children have what they need, while still cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes and the laundry.  We may get frustrated, we may be brought to tears, but we will always push forward despite the load we carry on our shoulders.

Women Are Survivors

Did you ever sit back in awe wondering how women can manage to make something out of nothing? A woman can take a few dollars and somehow manage to feed her family dinner with it. She can take a small paycheck and stretch it until it yells “uncle”.  There is something in women that seems to help them figure out how to get by on whatever they have on hand. Not to put men down, but most of the ones I know seem to always need more than they have, at least to hear them tell it.

Women Are Nurturers

 Women seem to have a switch that they cannot turn off; they are programmed to take care of others and that is a good thing most of the time. There all times when we will run ourselves ragged, sacrificing everything we have for our loved ones. Women love with their whole being and they are born givers.  They are sympathetic and caring and will always lend their shoulders for you to cry on.

Women Are Faithful and Committed

Ask a woman to take on a task and she will stick with it until completion. Be her friend and she will do all she can to be an even better friend to you. Women are loyal, faithful and committed in everything they do. They keep their promises; the only thing that will keep them from fulfilling a promise is an act of God.

Women Are Peace-Makers and Peace-Keepers

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, where testosterone reigns supreme, it is women who make every effort to keep the peace. They are the ones who are willing to compromise and apologize to calm confrontations. Women are emotional and even hysterical at times, but once they step back and analyze the situation, their cooler heads will prevail. They are quick to forgive and reconcile.

So while there are exceptions to every rule, women as a whole can stand proud in the fact that the positives far outweigh the negatives. In a patriarchal society, the contributions of women often go unnoticed. I am here to remind all my sisters to never forget a woman’s worth.


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