Natural Weight Loss With Whole Foods – 5 Valuable Diet Tips

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Nutritionists know that it is an ongoing challenge to find the best whole foods for natural weight loss and a balanced diet. Wherever you look, there are various conflicting diet tips and so much outdated nutrition information that it is hard to know what to eat; whole foods, whole wheat, good fat, bad fat, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, low carb, high carb. Dieting can get so complex that it is understandable when many lose focus on their natural weight loss plans and health goals. Here are five valuable diet tips that cut through the clutter with practical advice you can use immediately.

1. Everything you put in your mouth either builds your body up or tears it down. Candy and soft drinks are good examples of things that only serve to tear the body down while providing zero health benefits. Instead, it is relatively simple to find drinks that taste good while also supplying serious nutritional advantages from whole foods. No one can find them in a convenience store, though. Do a Google search for natural health drinks and notice the different choices.

2. Eat more from the plant kingdom. Animal fats clog arteries and plant fats keep the blood flowing efficiently. The body knows how to utilize nutrients from whole foods like fruits and vegetables, but has a hard time digesting animal products. Plus, the fiber in plant based foods supplies a boost to those who are seeking natural weight loss.

3. Calories count, so make them count for you, not against you. Empty calories in things like cookies, cakes and ice cream work in opposition to the body’s normal functions. In contrast, nutrients from plant-based foods enhance the body’s functions and work for you. The good news is that it is now feasible to gain more real nutrition from fewer calories with nutrient dense, concentrated whole foods.

4. For healthy, natural weight loss, think before you eat, drink or shop. Buying whole foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, is the best way to obtain the greatest nutrition for your money. Rather than loading up on unhealthy snacks, buy nutrient rich foods and natural health drinks to keep on hand. That way, you’ll be more likely to select a healthy snack or drink when you’re hungry or thirsty.

5. Instantly boost energy levels with new options. Selecting nutrient dense, concentrated whole foods allows the body to absorb nutrients rather than waste energy on digestion. This gets rid of a slothful feeling after eating, while providing healthy energy, stamina, endurance and strength to stay active. Since exercise is vital for natural weight loss and optimum health, the desire to be more active generates results quickly.

Paying attention to these five essential diet tips when eating out or in makes it easier to achieve natural weight loss. When you eat whole foods while shunning high fat, high calorie, and high sodium processed foods, your body stays satisfied, cravings vanish and you gain greater control of your life.

Author Cliff Everett Smith, owner/operator of has been guiding people to better fitness with healthy nutritional choices for over ten years. See his natural weight loss plan that outlines the method for obtaining the best results with concentrated whole foods and natural health drinks.


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