Ice Age

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Ice Age is a comedy set 20,000 years ago when the earth was about to be covered in ice. The animals flee the ice and the glaciers. Three animals form an odd and extraordinary band of friendship in order to save the life of a human baby and return him to his family.

The three animals that would not normally associate with each other in everyday life are a sloth, a mammoth and a sabre-toothed tiger. Sid, the sloth is a funny, talkative character while Manfred, the woolly mammoth is wise and strong and extremely caring in spite of his great size. Diego, the saber-toothed tiger, who is fierce and strong, has one weakness; he is terrified of water. This weakness is put to the test during the movie. Their loyalty to the baby and to each other is tested during their journey.

The three friends embark on an adventurous journey traversing treacherous and wild territory that could easily lead them to their deaths. Along the way, they meet Scrat, a squirrel rat, who is anxiously trying to find a hiding place for his precious acorn that he is trying to protect. His attempts to save his acorn are hilarious.

The movie appeals to adults and children. It has a PG rating for mild peril and thus it is recommended that children watch the movie with their parents. The characters are well-developed and loveable and the plot is exciting, hilarious and entertaining.


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