Applied Specialists In Psychology: Part 2

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4. Industrial and organizational psychologists. Indcustrial psychology is considered both an applied and a theoretical field. Many industrial and organizational psychologists teach in university settings, schools of management, or business schools. They work on organizational theory, manpower selection theory and ways of improving industrial productivity.

Others specialize in drawing organizational implications from theories of learning. or social-psychological theory. Still others do psychometric work on the development of tests for use in industrial settings. Finally, some in this field are practitioners who apply psychological principles to the work seeing, though they may also conduct research to solve on-the job problems.

Industrial psychologists are concerned with the human factor in the technological setting-hon satisfied ‘workers are with their jobs, how to acreage morale and productivity how to increase the quality of the industry’s services and how to develop better training and place meat procedures. Industrial psychologists must be able to translate psychological knowledge and skills to practical settings, and also to communicate psychological principles to an audience with little or no background in the field

5 School and educational psychologists. School psychologists are concerned with problems of adjustment, mental health and academic achievement with school children. They may also administer intelligence and proficient tests to students assess problem behaviors and refer affected children to counseling agencies arid design and evaluate special education projects.

Educational psychologists are primarily concerned with the application of psychological principles and techniques to problems in education. They analyze educational needs develop curriculum and teaching materials and evaluate instructional programs.

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