Friday, December 15

Top 5 Travel Tips

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I like to travel as much as possible, I have covered three continents, numerous countries, and thousands upon thousands of miles. During these travels I have learned quite a few things, some of these I have learned through tips from other travelers, and in some cases I have learned things the hard way.

Hopefully you will learn something from my top 5 travel tips, whether you are  anovice or an experienced traveler. Some of these tips may seem a little bit obvious, but yu might be surprised how many people simply do not realize that there are many people looking to take advantage of travelers, and tourists.

The first of my top 5 travel tips is probably one that the more experienced travelers know, and that is simply do not look like a tourist. The best way to avoid trouble from pickpockets and theives is to blend in with the locals a little.  Pickpockets especially roam the streets in many major tourist cities looking for wealthy tourists who they can take advantage of. Avoiding looking like a tourist is not always easy in a city which you do not know. But by not flashign around expensive equipment, wearing ‘touristy’ clothes

The second tip does tie in with the first tip a little.  It is important that when you go out and about in any foreign city you keep your valuables in a safe place. Keeping iverything in your pockets leaves you vulnerable to losing a lot if you happen to run in to theives and pickpockets. Most hotels, hostels and capsites provide some form of onsite secure storage if you need it.

The third tip I will give is something you can choose, but for novice travelers, it really is a must.  Plan Ahead.  Later on you may know enough ways to find a bed for the night, but if you are new to traveling, chances are you will not know many of the online communities which can give you a helping hand on the move. Make sure you have somewhere to sleep when you travel. Unless you are willing to spend several nights sleeping out in the open, make sure you plan ahead.

My fourth tip is know what you need to do.  If you are constantly on the move you may only get a day or two, sometimes even just a few hours to see what a city has to offer, Many people use iPhone guided tours when they are on the move, these provide iPhone city tours, combined with GPS tracking and a database of information. Using these iPhone apps is a great way to find the very best of a city in a short space of time!

My fifth and final tip is learn the local language.  You don’t need to learn everything, but make sure you know enough to politely interupt someone and inquire if they know English.  People are much more likely to try and help you if you approach  them in your own language.  It also shows you have taken a real interest in the country you are visiting, and the locals definitely appreciate that!


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