Thursday, December 14

Who Was The First Fictional Character Writer

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The first book of fiction was written by Charles W. Chestnutt, because he wanted to understand black life from a different perspective. His hometown was Cleveland, Ohio. Charles Chestnutt had many accomplishments throughout his life. Other than his native language, English. He learned the language of the Greek and Germans on his own. He taught school in North Carolina and South Carolina.

He became an assistant principal of a newly built school, he studied law for the Nickel Plate Railroad Company, and was employed by them as well. After he passed the bar in 1887, he opened his own court reporting office. Nothing really captured his interest more than writing, so he closed his office  by 1901 to pursue his career in writing. He still continued to rely on his legal training whenever it was needed. He traveled the United States while lecturing as well, he published two short stories between 1899 and 1905. Within a seven year period, he went on to publish three more novels.

During these years of writing and publishing of his novels, he never concealed his background, he always allowed for his racial identity be known, he was definitely a positive influence in the young black community. He was awarded by the NAACP the Spingarn Medal in 1928. Charles Chestnutt died in 1932. Another moment achieved  in black history.


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