New Sony Vaios Laptop – CA & CB

Sony VAIOs - Laptop

Who says tech has to look cool?  At least that’s what somebody at Sony said when they okayed the design for the new VAIO CA and CB models.  Sure they pack the Core i5 heat but they look like neon-clad rejects from Miami Vice.

If you can get past the headache inducing neon colors, the internal specifications of these two “beauties” are fairly impressive for the $800 price tag.

The CA is a 14 inch machine while the CB is 15.5 inches diagonally.  Both models will run on Sandy Bridge processors and come complete with AMD Radeon HD 6630 graphics cards installed and optimized so you shouldn’t have any trouble displaying HD video, surfing the web, or even playing moderately taxing games.  And thanks to the built-in Blu-ray drives you can indulge all of those high definition cravings easily without buying any peripherals.  You can also opt for Intel’s WiDi 2.0 which allows you to send those beautiful 1080p images wirelessly to your digital TV.

If you want one of these monsters but just can’t stomach the “retro” colors, black and white models will also be available at launch (March 13th for pre-orders).

For more info and full spec’s on these bright-eyed bad boys, keep an eye out on the official Sony site

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