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Acme Phone Leads

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ACME Phone Leads 

draft_lens17639915module148240462photo_1APL is the future of affiliate marketing.
Tissa Godavitarne just created a new program that will boost the earnings of existing Acme People Search (APS) members and new members alike. This is APL which is a method of marketing a client website and creating valid leads for other businesses.
Acme Phone Leads would dominate the hottest marketing trend of local business marketing and consultative business marketing with Pay Per Call platform because we all already know that Tissa has been dominate GDI and GVO for more than 2 years.

Over time, you are going to get better at what you do, and let say you generate only 4 calls per week. Now you are making $4800 a month. What if you generate 2 calls per day! Can you see where this is going? 2 calls per day x 5 business days x 10 businesses at $30 per call is a whopping $12,000 a month!

This Acme Phone Leads Network program is a new income stream to Acme People Search would be very exciting for the 400.000+ existing affiliates! And it will be launch in January 2011, so put your name & email bellow to get in the right time and secure your position.

This is a new frontier in affiliate marketing where affiliates can now engage with business both online and offline . The offline marketing would be for people within the vicinity of the business using pamphlets, brochures, fliers, etc. Where they can reach people promoting local businesses and letting them call the assigned toll-free numbers (or local number) to generatepossible customers for clients. The offline marketing seems limitless. Now the online process goes to the usual marketing stance where affiliates engage in PPC, article marketing, traffic exchanges, press releases, etc. To be able to reach quite a number of leads (favorably targeted) and make them call the toll free number and generate valid customers for local business.

More is explained in this video where Tissa discusses how this opportunity will change the wayof affiliate marketing both online and offline where the opportunities are limitless and competition is very low


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