Who Will Win The American League West This Year? : The Texas Rangers

It’s Spring Training time again, it is time to play ball. This is a Haiku about the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers are in the American League West division of major league baseball. The Texas Rangers finished last year as the American League West champs. The Texas Rangers made it to the World Series in 2010. They lost the World Series to the San Francisco Giants. Will the Texas Rangers win the American League West this year? Will they make it back to the World Series?

The Texas Rangers

One Step from The World Series

Will they win this year?

Who will win the American League West this year? Will it be the Texas Rangers again? Will the Los Angeles Angels win it or will the Seattle Mariners or Oakland Athletics win the American League West division? Who knows maybe another team like the Seattle Mariners will come up from the basement of the American League West and shock the world. Hey Texas Rangers, do you have what it takes to win this year? Are you the team that will shock the world in the American League West? Texas Rangers will you make another trip to the World Series this year? 

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