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Why Learn English as a Second Language (Esl)?

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There are many reasons why people chose learn English as a second language, here is a few reasons why somebody might want to learn English as a second language.

1. English might be the worlds most spoken language!

English is not the most widely spoken native language in the world, English has approximately 400 million native speakers and Mandarin that is spoken in China has over 1 billion alone. On the other hand, there are far more people learning to speak English than Mandarin, there are estimates of at least 500 million learners and some have put it at 1.4billion, so English might be the worlds most spoken language.

English is spread further around the world than Mandarin or any other language. A few languages are used in more than one place, e.g. Spanish, Portuguese and French, but English has more coverage than any of these language and is spoken all over the world.

2. Common Language?

Due to the fact that many people speak English, many learn English as a Second Language, and that it is spoken all over the world, you will find that it is a common language between most speakers. For example, a French person is far more likely to communicate with a Korean in English.

English speaking TV is shown all over the world, as well as movies and radio. Being able to understand English gives you the capacity to understand current affairs and other forms of entertainment in most places on Earth.

3. Internet!

Although the Internet is used in many different languages, English is the most commonly used language on the internet. You can use the Internet for information, video, music, communicate with other people, and much much more. To be able to speak English would allow you access to much more information than before.

If you are able to communicate effectively in English you will be able to use the internet to meet other English speakers from all over the world. There is a wealth of information available at your fingertips as well as other opportunities, e.g. job searching and website building.

4. Jobs!

More international businesses than ever are starting to reach right across the globe and the language that most of them use to communicate is English. All air traffic and shipping is dealt with in English and being able to speak English will open the door to many opportunities that might have been closed before. For example, you can’t be an airline pilot if you can’t speak English.


This article hasn’t placed English as the number 1 language of the world! It has sought to provide information as to why someone might want to learn English and what advantages this might bring. English is no better nor worse than any other language, it is however, more widely spread than all other languages and more spoken than most, if not all. 

Being able to speak any language provides access to greater communication and another source of information, but English is the most widely used and arguably the most useful second language to learn. For more information about the English Language, please visit the ESL Corner.


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