Sunday, December 17

Fixing an Out of Memory Error in Sonar

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So it’s been a bit over two weeks and I’m still working on finishing up a listenable version of my interview with Tyrannosaurus Grace.  I had a blast with the interview and it came out awesome but I want to do it justice so…  I’ve been working on it.

Whilst doing that I ran across something really really odd with Sonar X1.  At the advice of my producer I’m adding a fourth song from this great band into the interview and I was importing it into the project when I got an “Out of Memory” error.  Well, that’s not right!  I have 6GB of RAM and even with all the tracks running I’m only using about 2GB…  I should be able to import an MP3 without too much trouble.

As it turns out, I can.  I did a bit of searching and here’s what I found out:  That error message ACTUALLY means that the ID3 tags for the file you’re importing are misformed and so it causes no end of havoc in Sonar.  All you have to do is use your handy dandy music library to sync valid tracks to the file and then import it and you’ll be all set.  Easy peasy, eh?

Here’s the short version:  If you’re receiving an “Out of Memory” error in Sonar X1 when trying to import an MP3 file into your project and there’s no immediate reason why this should be then try fixing the tags in the MP3 file and then try importing the MP3 into Sonar again.  That addressed the problem for me.


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