Friday, December 15

To be or Not to be

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When a child is born, every parent hopes that he/she is capable of taking care of himself/herself as he/she grows and develops. As the child grows and develops he/she shows intelligence not similar to his/her siblings or other children around.

Some parents compare their children negatively with those around, sometimes within the same family or among friends. This is derogatory as a child has his/her own thoughts, views and ideas which makes him/her unique and different in thought and action. Its God’s way of creating differences that differentiates individuals in their characteristics. How else can one be identified otherwise?

This reminds me of a show I watched as a child, ‘The Twilight Zone.’ In this particular show, a male office worker disliked those who worked with him because they were different. He was a meticulous person who religiously went about his work, while others around him were not. He wished everyone were like him. No sooner than thought, he was in ‘The Twilight  Zone,’ where everyone was his carbon copy, even the women. The trams arrived on the dot. The office where he worked was spic and span. The office cleaner woman thought and acted like him. His co-workers, including his boss were him!!!For a few days, he was happy and contented with life. Everything was what he wished to have and to be. But as time passed he began to feel bored and sick of seeing himself everywhere and in everything. He began to wish that things could revert to the original. As luck was on his side, he came out of ‘The Twilight  Zone,’ and was surrounded once more by the differences. He was truly grateful that he was able to learn that it is the differences around him that made life exciting, interesting and worth living!!!!!!

The way the intelligence works moulds the individual and develops his/her characteristics and outlook on life in general.


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