Friday, December 15

Ignorance is Still Man's Greatest Mistake

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If one reads the events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, one can understand the level of ignorance that prompted the Romans to crucify Jesus Christ, the Son of God, on the cross, meant for criminals and rogues. One of the seven last sentences uttered by Jesus as He bled and died on the cross was,” Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    For me, man’s greatest mistake has been and is still ignorance. Ignorance robs the mind of the ability to think rationally and come to a proper understanding of facts. Thus man should strive for knowledge and the ability to use it in a rational manner. Many of us fail to realise the importance of knowledge and the proper analysis of facts, thus we are liable to make mistakes some of which are truly regrettable.

    Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Confucious and other great teachers were born to guide mankind to the vast ocean of knowledge, centred on love,truth and beauty. However, most of us have been misled by materialism and false teachings that have led man to his present state of chaos and bitterness.

    I used to mention that with the level of ignorance in society today, if God were to appear in front of us, we would not be able to detect or recognise Him. The comfort that we have today, man’s quest for materialism and the lack of love and understanding among fellow human beings have killed the very essence of life and living.

    The truth is that man should seek love, truth and beauty. These are the qualities that will drive man in search of divine knowledge, that clears ignorance and enlighten the mind and soul. Great scholars are not men and women showered in just material wealth. They are those who are immersed in spiritual strength and knowledge that clear the soul of sins, as well.

Jesus on the cross


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