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Advantage Arms 22 Conversion

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The Advantage Arms Company offers two models for Glocks, a Law Enforcement (LE) version and a Target Model (TM) version. Items included in the kit are a magazine, a slide assembly, a speed loader, cleaner, cleaning rod, recoil spring, guide rod, cleaning accessories, an instruction manual, a magazine reloading tool and a well laid out and simple set of instructions.  

The kit first became available in the market in 1999. The TM version has a rounded upswept look, with a front sight integral on the side and a high-profile adjustable steel rear sight. The LE version on the other hand features the same contours found in the service-caliber Glock slides and it has Glock OEM adjustable power sights. The most popular kit between the two is the LE version and Advantage Arms produces one for every Glock frame size.  

Many Glock pistol owners consider the Advantage Arms 22 conversion kit as a training tool. The kit offers the same sight, grip feel, trigger pull, picture and manual of one’s gun. The only things that lack are noise, the expense of a centerfire caliber and recoil. The kit comes in a plastic case that has a beautiful red velvet and foam-lined interior. The foam features cutouts for the standard accessories and slide assembly. The slide of the kit is made from black-anodized aluminum and the barrel from stainless steel. The body of the magazine is plastic and its feed fingers are of metal. 

The Advantage Arms slide assembly is similar to the factory upper in function and it installs in the same way on the Glock frame. When one assembles the kit and places it on a gun frame, it feels light and almost toy-like. In terms of operations, some aspects make the Advantage Arms 22 conversion kit better than other similar kits. These aspects include the all three passive safeties that remain operational when the kit is in place, the ability to swap Advantage Arms sights on the Law Enforcement model with night sights for community with someone’s duty pistol and the slide locks that open on an empty magazine.  

The kits come with a list of recommended ammunition types such as MiniMags, CCI, Rem Thunderbolt, Rem Golden Bullet and other 40gr High Velocity ammunition types. However, the kits also come with ammunition types that are not recommended such as PMC, Federal and most 35gr hollowpoints. The most reliable ammunition costs more. 

When it comes to recoil, the Advantage Arms 22 conversion kit has very little of it. This feature makes the kit a suitable teaching tool for people without previous experience with firearms. Sight, controls and grip are standard Glock and it is beneficial from a training standpoint.  

The main purpose in the design of the Advantage Arms 22 conversion kit is to offer Glock pistol owners inexpensive trigger time as they maintain commonality with their carry guns. The kit is useful for teaching and practice and is a good accessory for Glock owners to own. 


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