The Wonderful Life

    As each day passes, following a usual routine, I feel there is everything to be grateful for in life. I have tasted the best of foods, palatable to my tongue. I have adorned the best of clothes that fits, suits and appears good on me. I have a simple roof over my head which I am contented with. I have a small car which takes me wherever I want to go and it is easy to park even in the most crowded of places.

    I was envious of those who had more money to spend on lavish things until I found out that many of them did not appreciate or love life and see it the way I do. I see life like a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs as well as uncertainties. It is adventurous at times especially in its turbulent moments where you have to face troubles and difficulties.  But then you emerge more matured, experienced and probably with new and better values after the arduous ride.

    Life’s rough and tough rides have taught me to appreciate the journey all the more and be thankful for simple blessings bestowed upon me on the way. I am thankful to God for my daily bread. I thank God for being able to wake up each morning feeling the beautiful air and the freshness of a new day. I thank God too for having blessed me with satisfactory health within an aging body. I am also thankful to God for blessing me with a wonderful and doting husband and an equally affectionate daughter plus a very lovable dog that even shows her teeth to be brushed without a fuss every time she has her weekly bath. I am happy too to see the flowers blooming along the corridor of my small apartment, for they appear to greet me with the first rays of the morning sun, each day.

    I have read real life stories of those who have had miserable lives right from the cradle and they have never been able to shed the misery until they entered their graves. I wonder if they ever had any options or that they chose to be what they were. It is saddening to learn that there are individuals who have never been able to get out of the rut and make a better life for themselves though opportunities knocked on their doors a number of times. Some, young adults and teenagers, have even gone to the extent of taking their own lives due to depression coupled with unhappiness. Sometimes, this gives rise to questions which psychoanalysts and psychiatrists find hard to explain. Is today’s lifestyle to be blamed for the rising number of suicides or are these affected individuals unable to manage stress????

    No doubt every individual contemplates some form of action when faced with difficulties. There are those who manipulate and use dubious methods to get what they want. Then, there are also those who get rid of their challengers who stand in the way of their success. But it is wisdom and proper human values that direct the person to make the right choices and the right moves so that he/she finds contentment and happiness for there’s a rainbow at the end of every storm.

    To make the story short, I would like to conclude that one has to use one’s wisdom to determine life’s choices. One must try to get out of troubled times with a greater vigour to make amends and to learn from one’s experiences. Those who contemplate suicides must think of those around them or those attached to them or those depending on them. Life has never been easy even when tackling simple issues and it will never be. It is advisable to talk out problems or confide in someone before making drastic moves that one may regret……

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