All Men Are Created Equal

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    It is surprising that in this new millenium of science and technology including information technology, there are still people who have superiority or inferiority complexes. It is intriquing too to learn that many still use religion and race as powerful tools to avenge grievances against those who differ in their political and religious ideologies. With the advent of information technology, I expect mankind to be better informed and not use that powerful tool to disseminate hate philosophy.

    If one watches ‘Discovery Channel,’ one still wonders how the Pyramids were built while the search for mummies to learn their legacies and their secrets are still ongoing. We marvel too at the way of ancient civilisations and how futuristic predictions like ‘2012’ were formulated by the ancestors. The ancient civilisations may have mysteries unsolved even till today and we cannot conclude that we are superior to our ancestors.

    Are we moving forward or backward in thoughts and actions? Historically, parts of Asia from Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea down to Indochina, Malaya, Singapore and Indonesia were completely under Hinduism and Buddhism until the coming of Christianity, followed by Islam. Certain communities have tried to completely wipe out these evidences and traces of historical facts and events to suit the country’s political ideology. By doing so, they are able to eliminate evidences of ancestry and events, thus creating a society that would foster the current political philosophy and agenda. There have been cases of genocides and massacre of those who might unfold the plain truth or disagree to the terms of the dictator or the person in power. All ages have contributed towards the development of mankind in science, mathematics, technology and the arts. Therefore credit should be given to that contribution. Sad to say, some societies have discredited historical events by hurling unwanted lies and changed the course of history to suit the whims and fancies of politicians and power seekers.

    Today, there are also contradictions to how Jesus lived. Rumours are that Emperor Constantine wanted to spread Christianity and wiped some facts to keep Christianity alive throughout Europe. There is  evidence of manipulation of historical facts by those in power to make the masses believe what they wanted them to believe. Militancy too crept into certain religions causing them to fall from grace as they used brute force to gain control.

  Now in the age of computers and high tech living we still have people who do not seem to understand that there will definitely be religious, political and social revolution and that it is a continued process as long as humanity exists.

Humans are like migratory birds. We tend to fly and settle where we find a livelihood and an opportunity for continued survival. It is surprising how small some minds are when they have a narrowed outlook on life. They fail to realise that with globalisation there has to be more tolerance and acceptance of differing ideologies, customs, traditions, cultural practices and religious views. One should learn to put aside bigotry and step forward into the modern globalised world. One should also learn to differentiate fact from fiction, so that one is able to keep away from unhealthy influences.  Don’t forget, we have come a long way from our ancestry which we share with the primates!!!!!

    It is saddening and tormenting to see young children indoctrinated by certain religious and political  ideologies at a very young age and trained into weapons of war in their adult life. It is equally heart breaking to learn that clans are spreading their racial and religious hate philosophies to the vulnerable ones or going on a rampage and killing spree. It is real misery too, to watch the daily news showing bodies laid in the hundreds or thousands after a massacre in some part of the world undergoing religious or political turmoil. So friends, we have to join hands and show the world that there is nothing great in harbouring hate philosophies and religious intolerances. Man has to understand that we are all created equal in the eyes of the creator and that there is no race or religion closer to God. There should always be UNITY IN DIVERSITY !!!!!!


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