Ways To Prevent Muscle Loss When Slimming Down

Shedding pounds possibly does not always yield the anticipated effects and can often leave you feeling worse than before you began to shed pounds. It is a phenonema I call destructive weight loss.

Destructive dieting is best illustrated through highlighting the weight loss of an anorexic person. An anorexic or bulimic doesn’t worry much in regards to what weight they lose or how attractive they appear in the long run just as long as they reduce their total mass as far as possible.

The self destructing path of excessive weight loss in an anorexic person culminates in the loss of essential muscle mass. The cutting of body muscle cam leave them looking flabby and completely out of condition. Needless to say that the reducing of body mass also results in a slower fat burning rate which then further aggravates the whole situation.

While I have quoted an unusual case of anorexics above, the wrong dieting in a fairly normal person could also culminate in some unwanted and bad results. Often body muscle is reduced instead of fat deposits so that even though you reduce weight you start to become a little flabby. You may perhaps discover that you still have some fat rolls despite having lost so much weight.

The reason for this is that muscle is often easier to convert to energy than fat is. fat chains may be difficult for your body to convert and so your body uses muscle instead.

How to prevent muscle loss and improve fat loss.

The most important parts in weight loss is to keep a healthy diet. Don‘t allow yourself to be tempted to completely cut out any one specific food group from of your diet as all the food groups are needed for optimum health.

Carbs provide fast and easy energy. The calories from carbs are the easiest to convert to energy and so you will notice carbs mostly supply you a rapid boost. Even though calories originating from carbohydrates rarely turn to fat due to them being so easy to convert to energy, too many carbs release insulin which then releases the hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is often blamed for the formation of stomach fat. Attempt to eat carbohydrates in smaller quantities more frequently to keep your energy levels throughout the day.

Protein provides the essential nutrients to maintain muscle. A interesting thing about protein is round about 25 % of the calories originating from protein seems to disappear somewhere in the digestive system resulting in less total calories being absorbed when having protein.

Fat is the big no no of any diet plan but we still do need to have a small amount of essential fats in order to keep in good health. Always try to reduce your fats to the absolute minimum without totally eliminating them out of your diet. Bear in mind that fat turns to fat on the waist and fat is harder to burn than muscle.

When losing weight it is essential to stay properly hydrated so that your body can adequately distribute vital nourishment to all parts of the body. Water is important for this distribution and so you should try to drink your 8 glasses of water a day.

Doing more exercise slightly results not merely in improved muscle tone but it additionaly causes new cell formation which is possibly one of the highest users of energy in your body. This new cell formation elevates your fat burning so that you burn fat more rapidly.

When you aren’t certain about a specific diet plan you should rather consult your dietician or a qualified medical practitioner before beginning a weight loss program that could result in more damage than good.

Phen375 is the ultimate diet pill that assist to increase your metabolic rate and suppress appetite so that you shed pounds fast. Phen375 helps in breaking down fatty chains so that they become more easily converted to energy than muscle is. When you take Phen375 to help your weight loss efforts you will not just be shedding fat but will also discover that you will increase muscle tone as well.

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