Thursday, December 14

Soul Searching

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    Humans talk about the existence of the soul but most of us have failed to search it within ourselves. Why I say so is the result of my own observations and experiences during my journey in the search of my soul.

    Many of us are ritual practitioners. We practice certain aspects of religion and follow its rituals to the letter. Though the basic philosophy underlying all religions is about the same, most of us focus more on rituals. Through this, we get total satisfaction that we are God fearing and therefore bereft of sins. Some of us also go a step further, trying to spread our faiths and in the process we belittle other faiths, professing our own to be the true faith leading to God and an everlasting afterlife.

    Sometimes, I feel like expressing myself openly, but fear that I might hurt the ego of these so-called self proclaimed men and women of God. It is not easy for anyone to wipe out ignorance and replace it with wisdom. Noone alive can claim oneself to be absolutely wise because if it were so, then one is as perfect as God. Jesus, the Son of God, was thus not spared and was crucified because he claimed to be the Son of God at a time when ignorance totally blinded the commonfolk. Therefore it is left to individuals to search for the truth that underlies wisdom, even till today!!!

    I have long been trying and is still trying to discard the robe of deception. This has been and is no easy task. To do so, I had to go in search of my soul. In the search of my soul, I came to realise that the physical form should not be given more importance and prominence. Most of us feel that material gains and comforts are connected to the soul and thus spend an entire lifetime in materialism. Apart from that, we are also very protective of those whom we cherish, love and care for, such that, we tend to pamper and spoil our children and relatives to the disadvantage of others. As such, we become corrupt and avaricious and ultimately destroy our souls, due to ignorance and deceit.

    Now, I have come to understand, why in most religions, true monks and nuns are to lead a life of celibacy and not allowed to get married and have children of their own. However, there are those who have joined  monkhood without the call and have desecrated the role of monks and nuns. This has further tainted the faith and belief in religions and made a mockery of them.

    We are all born sinners and as sinners we have to salvage our souls to enter a better spiritual existence in the afterlife. The soul in the afterlife has no connection with those he/she had in the material world. Only the living cries for the dead. The dead cries for noone. As this is my view of why we are and what we are here for, I can neither force nor make anyone believe in what I have adopted as my philosophy of life.

    I had given much thought to what I have written here before penning it but welcome any differing views  or corrections, if any, from those who read my philosophy of life.

    Most of the moral codes outlined in the tablets above are in line with almost all religions. How many of us are guilty of acts going against the code of human conduct enshrined in our religions???? I’m sure all of us, including I, are guilty of violation of one or another of those codes, at one point or another in our lives, arent we? In other words, we have to practice the philosophy underlying religions rather than be blinded by rituals to appease God/Gods. We have to feed our souls rather than satisfy our bodily urges and desires which cripples the soul and ultimately destroys it. 


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