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Ringworm on Scalp Self Help

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If you have a circular, red and rough patch on your skin that is very itchy most probably it is a ringworm infestation.

Ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungus mostly it is contagious and spread thru skin contact. The usual victims are Men and Children.

this skin infection can be really annoying and uncomfortable

Various types of ringworm

The body ringworm – Usually affects all the part of the body

Ringworm of the groin – also known as Jock itch there come in the rear part of the inner thigh

Scalp ringworm

Ringworm of the nails – causes by infections of the nails

Ringworm can occur in different areas of the body. It cause by an over growth fungus. Athlete’s foot is located in between of toes and jock itch is located in the groin area and tenia corporis is a ringworm in the body.

Ringworm in the body is typically looks like a little round patch that has raise edge where it got the term ring worm from.

The best treatment is over the counter anti fungal I can find one and put couple of times a day to the infected area for two weeks.

If you don’t see improvement on that point it might be time to see your Dermatologist for further treatment.

How to prevent ring worm

Proper hygiene

Change clothes regularly to prevent the ringworm from spreading.

For people with ringworm in the groin area it is advisable to use cotton underwear and change it often. You know that Wet clothes can harbor bacterial growth that can only make the condition worse so dry clothes are advisable.


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