Is Caning The Last Resort in Disciplining Children?

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    Parents of bygone days used the rod to discipline children. Teachers in the olden days too did the same thing. The rod is now left to rot in a corner as parents, teachers and caregivers feel they no longer need it. The new methods implemented in the education and nurturing of the young sees the rod as a threat to the moral and social uplifting of the young today…. however, I tend to disagree.

    In my observation of children over the years, I have come to understand, that children are different in their attitude and behaviour, right from the moment they are born. They have innate qualities right at birth which they carry with them throughout life. Some children need more attention and monitoring, than others, is what I feel. No two children from the same family share the same attitudes, thoughts or views. There is the cry baby, who cries from morning till night even at the slightest discomfort and yet there are those that keep quiet even if they have soiled their underwear and are feeling uncomfortable. There are toddlers who sit quiet and wait for things patiently, while there are those that make a lot of noise and give a lot of trouble to get what they want. There are children who are up to mischief and remain a public nuisance as they grow and develop into young adults and no matter how you tackle them, advise them and counsel them they still remain incorrigible.

    Correct me if I am wrong…..don’t you think that these incorrigible ones need the cane? Otherwise they are nothing but nuisance and trouble makers, is what I gather, from my years of experience with children, in the field of education as well as a parent. I have seen WONDERFUL PARENTS, WHO HARDLY SCOLD OR WHACK THEIR KIDS with a number who are conceited, selfish and egocentric. These kids want attention and praise all the time and think a great deal of themselves. They show disrespect to the elders irrespective of who they are; they hate other children who are better than them and ridicule them in public to feel good; they want to be in command  wherever they may be and dislike those who try to correct them;…. the list goes on….correct me if I’m wrong again….

    These incorrigible ones fear neither God nor man. They sideline parents, teachers and care givers to boost their selfish, egocentric and arrogant ways. It is surprising how these selfish, egocentric and arrogant individuals make their way to get things done their way as they grow and develop. They can go to any lengths to accomplish their desires, whims and fancies.

    No doubt, we love our children and would like to pamper them. Pampering children has its limits. We have to make sure that we do not spoil our children while pampering them. Our children have to adapt and adjust to social values and standards as well as moral ethics. We cannot substitute the implementation of these values by pampering with the hope that when we meet our children’s demands they will adhere to the values which  society demands of them.As I wouldn’t want to express A to Z of what these miserable ones are capable of, I wish to end my article here with the saying, ‘spare the rod and spoil the child,’ is here to stay. It cannot become obsolete. Correct me if I’m wrong……….


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