Thursday, December 14

Effects of Scientific And High-Tech Living

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In the industrial sector technology has helped to replace manpower resources through the use of machinery capable of doing the work of a number of persons at one time. In the field of medicine and agriculture, it has done wonders to reduce diseases and find cures that plague the living.

    Though technology and science has assisted mankind in various ways, which are both useful and efficient, it has its side effects which in the long run may be detrimental to mankind and life in general.Today’s generation is moving very fast and the clock in certain highly developed countries are moving even faster compared to those in the developing and third world countries. Externally everything seems to be moving in the right direction…… but is it?????? This is a question which has to be answered by the governments of the countries of the world….. Why???? It’s because the governments, as administrators can and would decide the fates of the nations….not me or you, who are ordinary citizens.

    If we go back in time, we see that Hitler determined the fate of Germany by targetting the war machinery towards accomplishing his dreams and indirectly towards the rest of the world when it plunged into the second world war. How did an individual with his dream conquer the world? It was due to his position in the army that he could ultimately reach and accomplish the dream of becoming one of the most feared persons alive. He was able to direct Germany towards this dream at the expanse of the world at large.

    Likewise, the governments of the countries of the world can direct and manoeuvre its machinery to accomplish what it wants. As stressed earlier, science and technology has its advantages but its disadvantages may lead to side effects that slowly but surely erode societies. One of these side effects is the impact on the environment. Industrialization is important and emerging nations are highly dependent on it for economic benefits. With the expansion of industries, human resources are needed. Many families have both husband and wife working, leaving the children under child care instituitions or baby sitters or guardians. These youngsters grow up without parental guidance and controls. Thus moral decadence and social problems become rampant without proper supervision of the young.

    Industries also emit pollutants that destroy the environment giving rise to green house effect, destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, eutrofication, soil and water pollution. Earth’s climate change is partly due to industral pollutants.  Use of fossil fuels in vehicles for transport and CFCs in modern day equipment like refridgerators, air-conditioners and aerosols further contribute to air pollution and climate change. Climate change may give rise to sea levels as global warming melts polar ice caps. Low lying regions of the world may ultimately get submerged under water and the possibility of a situation similar to the biblical account of Noah’s Ark to occur is there.

    Today’s modern living, has made life too comfortable and easy. Where household chores are concerned, modern day gadgets like washing machines, electric grinders, dish washing machines and robots have made people lazy and members of a family neither need to cooperate with one another nor work as a team in carrying out such activities. Interaction between family members has further declined because many are more interested in watching television programmes rather than communicating with each other. This has indirectly affected relationships.

    Hobbies, games and social activities are suffering as many young people are more inclined to personal and private interests and confined to corners with their computers. Calculators and computers have also made students lazy to read, write and think, as many resort to the touch of a button to get their answers. Thus schools and institutions of higher learning are grappling with a multitude of problems related to student behaviour, discipline and attitudes.

    Cheating and corruption have become rampant. Machines are used to produce counterfeit money, degree certificates, documents, pirated CDs etc…..

    In conclusion, I can say that today’s lifestyle may affect the future adversely and it is up to governments and other organisations to make the right decisions and moves to prevent a global catastrophe.


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