Thursday, December 14

Is This What 2012 is About?????

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    A child can be both a joy and a heavy responsibility, sometimes leading to traumatizing moments, especially when it is developing a mind of its own and rebelling to get its own way. I have had great moments with my only child when she was a baby and a toddler. I remember getting her the best of things from baby clothes and toys to video cassettes and books. I wanted her to grow up and develop into a fine and beautiful person, my way….. but to my utter disappointment I realize that she had and is having a mind of her own in the way she wants to develop.

    Where have all the child psychology and good parenting methods led us? These ideas, philosophy and psychology are only in books and applicable in certain situations, is what I now feel. With the advent of the satellite television, computers and handphones children are exposed to new ideas and visions from all over the world. Their minds perceive the world differently from that of their forefathers, who had formulated parenting methods and drafted philosophies of life, cultures and traditions according to their experiences and observances.

    The current trend is to let children develop and grow according to their own personal experiences with little guidance and advice from confused but concerned parents.  Thus  parents are left with doubts and a myriad of questions on whether they have done the right thing or taken the proper steps in good parenting.

    On the other hand, the schools are following a set pattern based on teaching psychology and student behaviour and discipline. Currently, tackling classroom problems is an everyday affair, which hardly occurred in the yesteryears. Teachers too are battling a losing war where student uprising and threats have made them lame ducks in a system that calls for measures to control such incidents.Conflicting thoughts and literature have subtly crept into schools and instituitions of higher learning where these new concepts and thoughts are lighting up a blaze like wild fires. Socratean and Aristotle philosophies are becoming obsolete and new thoughts are replacing old ones. We have yet to decide the outcome of this new era of educational thought.

    Where or what is the world coming to? Is this what 2012 is about? The doomsday which our ancient civilizations prophesied? I might have to live another couple of years to learn what is the actual state of affairs after 2012 which is just round the corner!!!!


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