On Gases, Odours And Deodorants—- Laughter The Best Medicine

    The old farmer smelt a strong odour of gas within his farm. He felt there was a gas leak somewhere and alerted the fire brigade. Immediately a number of fire engines were alerted and they rushed to the scene. The firemen searched high and low for the source of the gas leak. Finally they came up to the farmer with the good news that they have found where the gas was leaking. They led him to an old sow, that was in his sty. Pointing to the animal they said, ‘that is your source, sir.’ Then they vacated the place laughing out loud but not at all annoyed. The poor farmer called for the veterinarian to help remedy the poor animal’s agony. It was suffering a bad case of indigestion and stomach discomfort!!!

    The young mother smelt an awful odour as she went about her work in the kitchen. She went about the whole kitchen trying to locate the source of the dreadful smell. She couldn’t find anything rotting or any form of animal droppings on the kitchen floor. She then went on her knees sniffing like an alsatian dog, under the kitchen tables and cabinets. Her 3 year old son, seeing his mother on her knees, wondered what was happening and came over to enquire. The mother replied that she was looking for the source of an offensive smell that suddenly filled the air in the kitchen. The little fellow wanted to help his mother and therefore began to join in the hunt. As the mother and son frantically searched, the mother found herself  kneeling behind the son and was close to his bottoms.

She jumped up exclaiming, ‘I found the source.’ She caught the little boy by the hand and walked him to the washroom.

‘Mummy what’s the matter?’ I have flushed the toilet. I have not dirtied anywhere,’ he cried denying any form of wrong doing.

‘No baby, you have flushed the toilet, but you forgot to clean yourself. Let mummy clean you up, now.’

    My 13 year old daughter bought an expensive deodorant in a roller applicator, to keep away body odour. She placed it on the shelf where I kept my ointment which I applied with a roller applicator as well,  for an infection along the groins. That night, in the dark, I caught hold of my container of ointment and applied it. But to my amazement, the feeling was different. There was no burning sensation as usual and I wondered why. I switched on the lights to the screams of my daughter who accused me of destroying her expensive deodorant and roller applicator. I had to purchase her another container of deodorant and became poorer by a few ringgit that month due to my carelessness.

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