My Favourite Renault Espace.

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My name is Darek. I have a tipical in Poland four persons family. Sometimes we need to ride about 1000 kilometers in one day. It was terrible long journey in our Volkswagen Golf IV. Car was small and polish roads was very poor. We need to stop about 200 kilometers for a rest. Yes it use a litte amount of oil, but time for stops made a journey much long.

So we need a van. Van witch we can buy need is to be a cheap, but very comfortable. I spend many time for looking around this car. Volkswagen Sharan was big enough but has to small engine and cost too much.

I look at a Crysler Voyager, but it has a strange doors and 5 liters engine. Exploatation of this car was to expensive for me.


After that I came to my friend and I find a Reanult Espace IV from 2002 year. It seems to be quite good. There is seven sits. For passangers all sits has individual belts. Yes it has a individual air condition for driver and passangers.

This car has a original car radio with CDplayer. It has an immobilizer. And it costs not to much, beacuse french cars in Poland wasn’t popular. So I buy it.

First journey from My city to Krakow was so impresive. We just feel like in cinema. All 5 hours of driving was as a long film in cinema. After that we go to hospital with our son, get visit and go to the Espace. We were cameback to home the same day, and I wasn’t tired to much.

That is very comfortable car.

You need to know, that in Poland wasn’t typical highways, so journey about 1000 km is very tired.

I think that in this price it is a best car, that I ever have to.  


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