Having Second Thoughts On Downloading an Audio Book? Know Its Advantages

Acquiring a copy of an audio book online is rather an easy task. Unluckily, if you opt for the cassette or CD form, it’s a bit pricey due to its product design, and not to mention the waiting period before it arrives in your mail. With the ongoing issues of the mail these days, it is not possible that your parcel will get stolen, lost or even have it shipped to an entirely wrong person across the globe. Though it is not often that this happen but it still does from time to time, you wouldn’t want that to happen to you now, do you? But why take that difficult road when our technology is already so advanced? Via online, you don’t have to wait for the things that you want. You pretty much get what you desire when desire it.

With the digital format of online audio books, you will avail of the audio book in an instant. No more waiting period, shipping fee, or be able to listen to them in some places only. With the downloaded audio books, you will be able to listen to them on your MP3 players, PDA, pc, so on and so forth. It is so convenient for you to listen to them wherever whenever.

Also you can avail of the newest audio books as soon as you log on to your online store. There is never a delay on the books that you’ve been wanting to read. But if you go for the CD or cassette form, you have to be patient for the release in these formats. 

Well, there are also downsides in audio books, but all can be mended easily. Know that audio books are larger compared to your music or any movie donwload, thus it takes time for them to finish downloading. And the time will depend on the site you are using and of course, the rate of your net connection. To some, these might be big issues already but honestly, they are just easy to solve.

a. Only download on your free time. Wait until no one will be using your internet connection at home. Set aside a time when you can walk away from your pc while it is still downloading your book. Bedtime is actually one of the best times for you to donwload your audio books. When you wake up in the morning, all is already set.

b. If the site you are using is quite slow then go search for another one. If your office has high speed internet access compared at home, then its better for you to download it from there.  But see to it first that you will ask permission from your boss on this one. Inform him/her that you will only be downloading the book and will not be listening to it until after work hours. If you are aware that your public library has high connection then its better for you to download it from there. There are lots of ways for you to avail of free high speed internet connection if you are just open enough to know your options.

c. Another thing that can help you shorten your download time is for you to find for formats that are created for consumers that has slow internet connection. In doing so will make your downloading more effortless and faster.

Having said all of that, be knowledgeable enough to know that quality audio book download sites will let you choose three download qualities: low, medium or high. It will then let you experience the least amount of download time since its megabytes are less but it is generally just fine. 

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