Swimming ….a Gateway to Good Health

         Swimming is definitely one of the most beautiful and effective sports that can be practiced during both cold and  hot season , addressing all ages.From litle children who dabble besides parents,the elderly which,although difficult to move,go to the pool to feed on the portion of health that swimming provides.There is no person that is not welcomed in the world of swimming .

          Swimming covers the basic needs of human beings from a state of well-being to a full training  in terms of motor,cognitive,emotional,physical condition  or recreational purpose only.But swimming is not just about these things,it tends to help the special needs such as those of pregnant women,but also of patients with asthma,epilepsy or any physical or psychological dysfunction.

The biggest advantage of swimming is that muscles and joints are put in motion without having to bear any weight,thus reducing the tension that existed at their level,which determines a minimum risk in terms of damage or injuries.A clear example would be aperson whose daily stress and weight,to whichthe force of gravity contributes considerably,have a major impact on joints, especially on those of the knees and hips. In water,however, do not apply,since the gravity is completely different.

All sports bring health benefits when practiced correctly.But swimming has some special features that  other aerobic type exercises do not have.Here aresomeof them:

  • lead toan incrediblecardiopulmonary endurance;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • helps maintain a stable blood pressure;
  • reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • develops the most muscle groups(more than two thirds of the entire muscle surface);
  • strengthens the joint ligaments,preventing possible damage;
  • improves body posture;
  • develops flexibility;
  • mitigates tensions;
  • generates good feelings,positive;
  • helps relieve anxiety and improves symptoms of depression;
  • stimulates growth,physical and mental development;
  • improves psychomotor development.

In recent years an increasing number of medical specialists recommended swimming for different therapies.These include:

  • asthma;
  • muscle and joint pain;
  • herniated disc;
  • stress;
  • stimulateing growth;
  • controled body fat lose
  • physical and motor disabilities;

Regular practice of this sport makes the respiratory system to improve elasticity and mobility.Asa result,the lungs are able to capture a large amount of air,which helps the body cells to benefit from a greater intake of oxygen.The lungs are elastic bodies, which depend for proper operationon the contraction and relaxation of the chest muscles.These muscles are toned and worked more effectively when exercises are performed regularly.

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