How to Earn Money Online Using Mylot

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Mylot is one of the little sites on the internet which really pays to do task, post, discuss and refer. Mylot possess itself with over a 200,000 users who are being paid each one and every time they reach the minimum amount of $10.

A bunch of Get-Paid-Schemes on the internet recommend all sorts of payment for a selection of tasks that the user frequently has to invest time in doing. From writing a Blog for a particular topic, to merely clicking links, to adding advertising content to one’s own Blogs and even signing up for websites in return for below-the-average loot.

In, you can do all these in one lay. It even tasks as a search engine. Make use of it as an alternative of Google or Yahoo and you also get additional payments ($ Dollars). proposes payment by doing the following:

1. Discussions. Share in the discussion forums either by posting new topics or responding to an existing one. has a DSR (Discussion Rating System), that will be the basis for the payment and your standing in the site as a contributor.

2. Blog Organization. If you have a Blog, can organize your Blog. All you have to to do is put a link for the site on your own blog. Blog is subject for approval by the team. 

3. Tasks. tasks are created by select partners. Tasks can be everything from writing an article about a topic to clicking or registering on sites, etc. You will be paid (called a Reward) for your efforts. ($Dollars) is available to US and non-US Residents and pays through PayPal.


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