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How we Can Increase Penile Size?

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Penis pumps – the idea for vacuum pump looks logical at first sight – you create vacuum around the penis, which presses the blood in the cells and temporary makes your penis bigger. After long time of usage, you will notice lengthening around 1 cm. However, there are some risks when using pumps: impotence, illness, deformation, rupture of blood vessels, abrasion, weak circulation, blisters.

Pills – they won’t enlarge your penis and this is why you won’t find anywhere pills that have been clinically tested. Despite that, many of the manufacturers sell them at very high prices. Here are some of the risks that you may face when using herbal enlargement pills: infected pills, mixing with other drugs, incorrect dosage, and allergy to ingredients.

Surgery – every cosmetic operation for penis enlargement is very expensive and dangerous. With sky-high prices, the surgery hides high risk, highly paid method and the surgeons even sometimes don’t offer guarantee for the results, which shows lack of confidence in what they are doing. Some of the most common risks of surgery are: impotence, deformation, intense pain, decrease size, scarves, loss of sexual desire, nerve damage.

Exercises – there are several ways to do that and every one of them requires several conditions before you start and after that you must follow exactly the steps of the instructions two or three times a day, which makes the whole process very uncomfortable to perform. The risks of penis enlargement exercises are: impotence, deformation, no effect, rupture of blood vessels, abrasion, weak circulation, softening.

Weights – this is one of the oldest methods for penis enlargement around and one from the most dangerous as the method is based on ancient principles, which are not adapted to the modern society. The risks of suspending weights are: impotence, illness, deformation, damaged tendons, decreased sensitivity, stretch marks, thinning, painful erection.

The final method is the penis enlarging devices and I think that this is the best method that will do the job because it has been tested and still put on tests from some tribal cultures. There is a tribe called Burma in which people increase the length of their necks or enlarge their ears or lips. The process delivers constant stretching of your penis by the help of the device. Designed with materials like medical plastic or metal you won’t meet any allergic reactions. While some of the other methods require to perform them every day several times a day, this method needs only to set up the device and to wear it even while you are outside or at work. The presence of a money back guarantee, which most of the producers offer, shows that they are confident in the results of their product.

If you want to learn more about the ways to increase penis length, see more information from the source. You can also read how to make your penis larger.


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