The Jum'uah Khutbah: The Eyes‏

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The Jum’uah Khutbah: The Eyes

All praises are due unto Allaah and Allaah alone. Salutations and Peace be upon Nabi Sallallahu alayhi Wasallam.

Says Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala: “And (O Muhammed Sallallahu alayhi Wasallam) say to the believers that they should lower their gaze and guard their chastity.” (C23. V.125)

Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam said: “The first (unintentional) gaze is forgiven.”

The eyes are one of the greatest Ni’mats which Allaah Ta’ala bestowed upon a human being. When one opens the eyes, a switch is thrown open to the soul, which illuminates things around one. The
pupil of the eyes measures a mere two to eight millimetres. Despite its smallness in size, Allaah Ta’ala granted it the ability to absorb huge mountains, massive oceans, the wide skies and the rolling earth.

The eyes absorb myriads of colours and shapes without undergoing any drastic change in appearances or size. Whilst people have different shade of eye colours such as green, blue, brown, black etc., everyone sees the same thing. From the very eyes which shed tears of grief; tears of happiness flow. The very eyes which behold fire, beholds water. The very eyes which can be used to please Allaah, can be used to displease Allaah. The faculties of speech and hearing are used when someone is around; the eyes are used even when no one is around.

The eyes, if abused, can cause immense damage. No one looks directly at the sun. No one wants to damage the eyes. No one wants to live in a world of such darkness which the sun cannot brighten.

Much more worse than physical blindness is spiritual blindness, because being physically blind entails no sin. Spiritual blindness is caused by sinning with the physical eyes. Thus Allaah Ta’ala has
instructed both males and females in His Holy Kalaam to lower their gazes. Thus Allaah Ta’ala has informed us in the Holy Qur’aan: “Allaah knows the FRAUD OF THE EYES and what the heart conceals”
(c40 v19). Thus Allaah Ta’ala has warned us that “Indeed questioning shall take place with regards to the ears, the eyes and the heart.” (c17. V36).

In both the above verses, Allaah Ta’ala has made a clear connection between the eyes and the heart. The eyes see and the heart feels. The eyes absorb and the heart is affected. The heart thereafter causes a
person to be influenced by what it has witnessed and to act accordingly, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Do we know why an ever increasing amount of divorces is taking place in the Muslim community? Shaytaan whispers to a person to look at some filthy pornography. The person plays around with the idea. He does not have to make much of an effort. He is already sitting by the computer. It’s just a matter of a click. The Nafs overpowers the person. With his eyes he now views pornography in “secret”. He pleases Shaytaan. He displeases Allaah. He forgets: “Indeed questioning shall take place with regards to the ears, the eyes and the heart”.

This person’s heart is now affected. His heart is corrupted. His mind is in turmoil. And so he demands from his Muslim wife that she enact the Haraam which he had witnessed. Being a true Muslimah, she
refuses to abide by his devilish whims and wishes. He is angry and threatens her. She fears Allaah and refuses. He gives an ultimatum: Do what I say or else I will divorce you. She fears Allaah and replies:. I
am a Muslim. I recite Allaah’s Kalaam. I am prepared to live and bring up my children alone, but I will never succumb myself to Haraam. You can divorce me a thousand times over but I will never behave like a cheap Kaafir prostitute”.

No problem for the Allaah Fearing Wife. Big problem for the husband. Where did his problem start? With the abuse of the eyes!

Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alayh gave a wonderful prescription of how to overcome Shaytaan’s deception. He said:

“When one’s gaze falls upon a beautiful woman, the attraction felt is a natural attraction. Do not allow Shaytan to confuse you. This feeling of being attracted is not a sin. The reason is that after
Allaah Ta’ala created Hawa alayhi salaam from the rib of Adam alayhi salaam, he, seeing her beauty, spontaneously and instinctively stretched his hands towards her. From this we learn that men it is
natural for a man to be drawn towards beauty. Shaytaan confuses many people with this initial natural attraction which they experience. They wrongfully attribute it to an intention to commit wrong. They
thus start a Haraam relationship.”

Respected brothers, this bit of golden advice is for those many sincere people who seek to take refuge from Shaytaan’s deceptions and who wish to Please Allaah.

Whenever the eyes unintentionally fall on a beautiful woman – whether be at work, in a shop, whilst driving etc – do not allow Shaytaan to overpower us. Simply think that “my feelings of being
attracted are natural. Her looks are attractive but her heart may be wicked, shameless and evil. O Allaah, help my heart turn away from her for my heart is only for You.”

Moulana Rumi Rahmatullahi alayh said that whosever seals three things will light up the Love of Allaah in his heart. The three things are the ears, the tongue and the eyes.

May Allaah Ta’ala grant us the Hidayat to protect our eyes from sin. Ameen


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