Tuesday, December 12

Sinecod Forte For Dry Cough

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Sinecod Forte for dry dough

Not all dry cough medications perform against dry cough, recently I suffered from dry cough and it was pretty annoying. The itchy throat creates plenty of problems and I took quite a number of cough medications before finally switching over to Sinecod Forte.

Sinecod Forte contains Butamirate citrate is soothing especially for dry cough. The cough medication is good for acute cough problems but it belongs to the family of cough suppressants so it has some major side effects and should be administered with caution.

To start with like most cough medication Sinecod Forte causes dizziness and shouldn’t be administered at work. Skin rashes, nausea and allergic reactions have also been reported after the administration of Sinecod Forte. Since Sinecod Forte contains sedative substances it can be misused so dosage Sinecod Forte should be monitored especially in youngsters. Though Sinecod Forte is an over the counter medication but it is not easily available because it contains sedative substances which can be misused.

As for pricing Sinecod Forte is one of the cheapest available cough medications in the market but the side effects of Sinecod Forte are many and thus it should be administered with plenty of caution. Sinecod Forte is available both in tablet form as well as syrup but personally I like taking Sinecod Forte tablets as it is easy to consume .


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