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Asian Antiques

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Fine Asian Art auctions and view over 55 million auction price results, including previous results from Michaan’s Auction.The imposing statue of the Bosatsu, which was created for a large, previously unknown Buddhist temple in Japan, was manufactured on the basis of the stylistic characteristics about 1830.

Heinrich von Siebold (1852-1908), the second son of the Japanese scholar Philipp Franz von Siebold, brought it about 1880 to Vienna. antique grandfather (Peter Falk) reads a tale to his grandson (Fred Demoniac), his grandson is in inasmuch as the story of a lifetime… The Princess Bride follows the chronicle of the pleasing maiden, Buttercup (Robin Wright), who falls in love with a ruined stable small fry named Westley (Cary Elwes).

At that time, Japan was in every sense of upheaval. Many Buddhist temples were closed and fell gradually. Buddhist paintings, sculptures, ritual objects and Others were destroyed or sold cheap. Many foreigners took advantage of the hour. Even Heinrich von Siebold collected with care and expertise, not only in their own interest but also for the emerging Viennese museums. Since the Vienna World Exhibition of 1873, where he worked as an interpreter of the Japanese delegation, he had the best contacts there. Since the market in Japan, he as good as any other, knew there were agreements with other major museums, for ethnographical collections they purchased.

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As early as 1883 in Vienna was the first exhibition of his collection, which he would then sell to the Austrian State. After his offer was rejected, he left the state one of the exhibits as a gift. Since the lists and files from this time are not preserved, one cannot say precisely whether the statue of the Bodhisattva was found included. The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. It is the 15th Annual Show and is supported by international galleries and some private collectors who are loaning their amazing artworks.
In 1905, a major exhibition of the Viennese collections held in the Museum of Art and Industry, entitled “Exhibition of older Japanese art” takes place, when the statue was displayed at a central location, referred to here only as a “figure of the Buddha.”

Near Eastern antiquities and Islamic works of art are offered by the Anavian Gallery of New York, such as a Safavid lacquered panel on wood from 16th century Iran depicting a forest scene. The Ren Brown Collection turns its sights to modern day with contemporary prints and paintings.Unforgettable are the two major exhibitions in Darmstadt 1973 “East Asian Art – collection called Exner” – for the first time as “Monju Bosatsu” and 1978 in Krems on the Danube “4000 years of East Asian Antiques Art, where this figure was much admired.



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