The Hen-Pecked Husband

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    “George, why aren’t you ready yet? The cab will be here any minute now and it wouldn’t like to wait,” screamed Martha, as she donned her hat ready for the long journey to Australia, where her daughter and family reside.

    “Give me a few minutes, dear,” came the quick reply. “I can’t find my socks.”

    “Didn’t I remind you to get everything ready the night before, George? Oh… just hurry up won’t you?” retorted Martha.

    ” Yes, everything’s ready except I can’t find those socks which I wore yesterday for church. It must be that silly dog, Shelley. She seems to have a fascination for my socks……. my socks only, Martha. Oh….Oh….Where can those socks be… Thank God!!! I found them. I’ll be down in a minute, Martha.” George hurriedly pulled up the socks and scrambled down the stairs of the double storey house.

    The cab was waiting and Martha was boarding it as George turned the key to the front door, making sure it was secure. He then grabbed his suitcase and ran towards the cab and in no time the driver was steering it along the driveway and out on the main road leading to the airport.

    The long road was clear but became heavy with the afternoon crowd as the cab wound its way closer to the airport. Passengers and cargo were finding their way in and out of the terminals. George and Martha slowly alighted from the cab. George paid the fare and the couple headed for the departure counter.

    “Can I see you passport and air tickets please?” asked the young lady at the counter.

    Martha rummaged through her handbag and handed her passport and air ticket to the lady to be checked. George was searching his coat pockets for his.

    “What’s wrong, George?” enquired Martha, looking hard and displeased.

    “I’m searching, Martha. They must be here somewhere…..”

    “Are you sure you placed them in your coat pockets, George?”

    “No…. let me search in the suitcase,” replied George.

    George turned over his belongings in the suitcase but his ticket and passport were not there. The announcement that passengers to board the flight to Australia should do so, was aired just as George suggested that he return home to fetch his passport and ticket.

    Martha trudged down the aisle into the waiting lounge while George made his way out into the open to wait for a cab. He jumped into the first cab that came his way and soon he was back home turning the key in the lock of the front door leading to the living room. He made a call to the kennel to bring back Shelley, the dog. Then he called his friend Charlie on the phone.

    ” Charlie, it’s George here.”

    “George, have you reached Perth? It’s mighty fast if you have,” replied Charlie.

    “No buddy, I’m still here,” said George gleefully. “I got rid of the virago, at least for a while. Come over and let’s party to that,” invited George.

    “What??? I can’t believe you sent her alone…” How did you do that?” enquired Charlie.

    ” Come over and I’ll explain,” said George.


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