Are Children Capable of Learning Values at an Early Age?

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    I visited my younger sister and knowing there were children there, decided to buy a tub of ice-cream when I went over. My sister left the house after dropping me and some time later I came down from my room upstairs to join the rest in the living room. The two children, a boy of 11 years and a girl of 7 years, were both enjoying the ice-cream, that I had bought. They were not bothered whether I was there or not. They continued with their ice-cream, until I asked,” Aren’t you offering me some?” The elderly couple, who happened to be the grandparents turned around and the grandmother asked the little girl to get me some. However, I declined.

   A few weeks later, the two children, came over to spend the holidays with my daughter. My husband had bought some ice-cream and kept it in the refridgerator. The little girl asked for the ice-cream and my daughter asked her to help herself. The little girl, took a large helping for herself, with little regard for the others who were there. When I came to learn of it, I was really annoyed. I felt this girl ought to be taught something. I told her that it was not proper for her to disregard the presence of others and take the lion’s share for herself. She should learn to share equally with those present and not take the lion’s share, though she loved ice-cream.

    I do not know whether I did the right thing. But I did what I did at that moment, for I felt it was my duty to correct her when she was with me. According to my way of thinking, values should be inculcated through correction. Correction should be done there and then, when a child makes a mistake, so that he/she can associate it with the correction. Many parents wait for children to grow up and learn values on their own. Sometimes, it may be too late for the parties concerned and both parents and children suffer as a result.

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