Why People Are Being Replaced by Machines When it Comes to Wrapping Pallets

Continuous and accurate application of the packaging film:

Using manual labour to wrap your pallets of product with stretch wrap will never produce the kind accurate results that most places demand. Product packaged by a person operator Monday morning will probably never end up being wrapped exactly the same way as another operator on Monday morning. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine takes away this concern.

Correctly wrapped product portrays a professional image:

Covering a pallet utilizing a pallet wrapping machine creates a nice and clean professional finished product. Pallet wrapping by using hand wrap results in a fairly irregular and also unequal appearance. The look of your pallet load on the clients factory really need to display the impressive appearance you expect for your business. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrap machine eliminates this issue.

Employee training:

There is often a proper way and a improper method to wrap a pallet by way of hand wrap. Used inappropriately, hand wrap may destroy the item or maybe allow the products to move about while in transportation. The rate of employee turnover or numerous staff signify that you will need to continually train personnel on how to correctly wrap the products to be certain client satisfaction while making sure they don’t injure themselves. Pallet wrapping using a stretch wrap machine does away with this challenge.

Employee Safety:

Hand wrapping pallets is a troublesome task if it is done correctly, and a frequent source of employee back injuries whenever done improperly. Human beings are not designed to be constantly crouched over whilst trying wrap a pallet load of product with enough tension in the film to hold the pallet together. Many injuries and work associated injuries originate from manually wrapping pallets. Pallet wrapping by using a stretch wrap machine does away with this concern.

Stability of the load:

Manually wrapping a pallet full of products is nobody’s idea of a good time. Eventually the “good enough” syndrome comes to the forefront. Being aware what is needed to make your merchandise stable throughout transport, and whilst the pallet is upon your client’s floor, is critical in configuring your stretch wrapping demands for the staff to follow. Anytime an employee is hand wrapping pallets the duty of making sure the products are properly wrapped is left up to him or her. Stress and fatigue, ignorance, instruction, or even lack of enthusiasm may affect the employee’s “it’ll be alright” point contributing to potential complaints or damage as a consequence of poorly wrapped product. Pallet wrapping with a stretch wrapper wipes out this issue.

Damage Control:

As employees deal with the difficulty of hand wrapping the goal becomes just wrapping it enough to get it out the door. Covering the load to eliminate damage in the course of transportation as well as at your customer’s storage facility becomes secondary. Pallet wrapping with a pallet wrapping machine gets rid of this challenge because it wraps exactly the same way each and every time reducing the potential of a pallet becoming harmed while in transportation.

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