Thursday, December 14

The Sun Worshippers

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Ever wondered why the sun has been worshipped by ancient cultures as well as by certain people even today? Many cultures from the ancient Greeks to the present day Hindus worship the sun. If one analysises the role of the sun, our star in the Milky Way Galaxy, we can not only conclude that it gives us light, in fact it is the giver of life for all life forms on Mother Earth. We call Earth, mother, because the earth springs forth matter that makes our material bodies, which include all plant and animal forms. The earth also sustains life. This is akin to the mother  giving form to her developing foetus within her and sustaining the life.

    The sun, on the other hand, embeds its energy, without which life cannot exist. Let’s connect the food chain here. The solar energy is trapped by photosynthetic plants which are fed upon by consumers. In this way, the energy needed for living organisms are derived from the sun and ultimately transferred from photosynthetic plants to consumers in the food web and used for all life processes by organisms.

   It is believed too, that all matter on Earth, originated from the stars. So here again we cannot deny the importance of the sun, our star, in giving both energy and matter.  Thus we should all worship the sun for our very existence!!!!!!


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