Diet With Hcg And Say Bye to Obesity

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Obesity is the problem faced by people all over the world. Kids to adults and even old people are suffering from over weight. Many diet programs have been introduced in recent times like Atkins diet( reducing intake of carbohydrate) Baby food diet ( replacing regular food with baby food) South Beach diet (intake of low carbohydrate food) and Master cleanse ( intake of liquid diet preferably lime or lemon juice). Now a new diet program have been crabbed the attention of many people which helps to lose 1 pound per day or even more, it is diet with HCG.

HCG drops

People do lose weight through exercise and other methods but find difficult to maintain it and they tend to regain the lost weight. Diet with HCG not only reduces weight but also helps to keep it long term. HCG is Human Chorionic gonadotropin and was developed by a physician to aid his patients to lose the excessive weight. Get the book “Pound and inches” to know more about this diet. Use the drops and for first two days you are allowed to take any type of diet. After these two heavy loading days you are supposed to go for VLCD (very low calorie diet plan).

homeopayhic HCG drops

You are allowed to take 500 calories per day, skip breakfast and weigh yourself in the morning. For lunch you can have one fruit, two Cups of vegetable and 4 oz. of meat. Adopt the same for dinner. Avoid taking the same meat for lunch and dinner. Exercise is not required in this diet. This hormone works internally and burns 2000 to 4000 calories each day. You should strictly adhere to the diet plan for good results. Take the drops as prescribed during the course of diet. Diet with HCG aids you to shed 1 pound or more than it and gets back your shape and confidence.


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