Friday, December 15

The Health Benefits Of Garlic And Fresh Herbs In Your Daily Diet

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The Health Benefits of garlic in your daily diet wild garlic Irish soda bread: Hello and welcome.This hub will explain the health benefits of cooking with Garlic and fresh herbs and why you should include it in your daily diet. Garlic has many health benefits but above all it makes a meal taste great. When added to fresh herbs and other fresh ingredients you have the makings of a quick and easy healthy meal for you and all your familys health. I will explain the medicinal properties of Garlic and the benefits of having it in your daily diet. I will also include videos on growing your own garlic and fresh herbs so you can include them in your cooking straight from the garden. There is nothing more satisfying than to cook a meal with your own home grown ingredients and the health benefits of eating fresh products are amazing.

Health benefits and uses for garlic Garlic’s health benefits and medicinal properties have long been known. Garlic has long been considered an herbal “wonder drug”, with a reputation in folklore for preventing everything from the Plague! To the common cold. It has been used extensively in herbal medicine (phytotherapy, sometimes spelt phitotherapy).

Raw garlic is used by some to treat the symptoms of acne and there is some evidence that it can assist in managing high cholesterol levels. It can even be effective as a mosquito repellent.

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