Saturday, December 16

Two Ways to Download Youtube Videos

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t had been quite a while I used any one this downloader, but this are the best way I found in download youtube videos in mp3 format or whole video.

Firefox add on to download youtube video……..if you are using firefox 3+ then you can use this add on, as firefox version is available for all platforms, you can use this add on in any os (windows, mac and linux).

This is the simple add on when you play video online, it gives you links to download the video; it can download videos from any video sites. If you are using youtube then you will be recommended to download all the formats of youtube like 240px.360px and .mp4 format. If there is high quality and high definition enable, you can even download it.

It may be hard for starter to know much about the add-on, but as you use it, you will come to more about it.

Add on name: download helper

Freemake downloader………this only works for windows users who have installed .net 4 versions. Freemake unlike other downloader doesn’t have any complication, if you are a starter or advance user, it gives you complete ability to download you tube videos in best way.

You can download only music of the video or download video in medium and high quality, it gives you option to download .flv, but mp4 is recommended which are rated as higher quality and standard by software and also in reality mp4 is for pc and flv is for online.

Only cons about it, it won’t download videos from all the video hosting sites, only limited sites around 40 are supported in the software and you can’t download video from youtube, if there are restricted for your country.

Download link: freemake downloader


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