Skin Getting Worse? Make Sure Your Not Causing It!

1)Do you stay in shower for longer periods?

Many people tell me that they have this habit of staying in showers for longer duration, scrubbing skin over and over, applying soap 2-3 times….Perhaps to make sure they are clean or may be because they enjoy wasting water? The longer you stay in shower, it’s evident that you’ll lose more of Natural moisturizing factor from your body. Well i suggest why not take 10-15 minutes shower twice a day? That would clean your body better than 1 hr hardwork you do every day.

2)Do you take shower with hot water?

So, if you use hot water for your showers that cleanse your body better…are you serious? Hot water washes away your skin’s oil (that’s meant to lubricate your skin) leaving it dry! NEVER use hot water for baths or showers, instead use luke warm water its better for your hair as well, if you have dry/rough hair.

3)Do you eat healthy?
It’s said that what you eat, shows on your skin. If you have dull skin and pimples all over your face, that means you’re not doing justice to your skin, you probably skip lunch because you are on a ‘diet’ but you can eat a quick burger instead? Fries, burgers, pizzas and all types of other junk food is definitely ruining your skin.
How about you eat fruits, vegetables ( esp.leafy vegetables) and drink lots of water to boost your skin? More healthy you eat, more radiant you’ll look!

4)Do you ‘scrub’ your face every morning and each night with ‘skin care’ products?
This is the worst thing you are doing to your skin, instead, Washing your face with antiseptic soap twice a day is just enough. You know why skin of your palm grew harder as you grew up, harder than skin of the back of your hand? That’s because we do more work with our hands and palm gets more in cantact. There you have it! the more you scrub your face with different products, the more it would harden and lose its softness, and you may not know what your ‘skin care’ product is doing to your skin.
My suggestion is use a light antiseptic soap every morning you wake up and every night before you go to bed plus spalsh of water when you return home from outside, because if dirt remains on skin for longer duration it would result in pimples.

5)Make up! ofcourse, you use it every day right?
Do you want to know what’s in those beautiful shiny eye shades and mascaras you apply everyday? and what your face powder can do to your skin? You should know because you have to take responsibility what you do to yourself.
Well, in 1933, more than a dozen women were blinded and after a woman died from using a permanent mascara called Lash Lure, this product was finally banned. You know that many products were known to be carcinogenic and produced birth defects when tested on animals in laboratories, like Red No. 2 which was banned in 1976? What about those which are still unnoticed? Normally people even don’t know what chemicals are carcinogenic or which ingrediants have serious adverse effects on the body, either cosmetics or food products.Companies may state that their products are tested but do you trust those labs in which they test their products? or do you even go to that much detail? You probably won’t risk your life over beauty, besides nature gives you the best you deserve! So my suggestion is to avoid these cosmetic products as much as you can.
Be natural, be simple and be beautiful!

> If you have problems of skin, like flaking, serious dryness or rashes etc which are prolonged and without a known reason then it’s time to visit a dermatologist, because it may or may not be an ultimatum for you.
>The purpose of this article is to surface some of minor details that we usually don’t notice, if you have further questions regarding this topic, don’t give a second thought, just ask me!

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