Seven Billion People Woke Up This Morning

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Good morning sunshine

This morning, all over the world, 7 billion people got up to start their day, making it look like a massive Mexican wave because of the respective time zones.

Percentage-wise, the population of the Earth is made up of:-

57 % Asians

21% Europeans

14% Americans (North, Central and South)

8% Africans

And there would be:-

52% women and 48% men

30% Caucasians and 70% non-Caucasians

89% heterosexuals and 11% homosexuals

Regardless of these statistics, all 7 billion people have two things in common. And that is the AIR that they breathe and the BREATH OF LIFE within them. The two are NOT the same.  There is something special about the latter.

All I need is the air that I breathe

The AIR that we take in contains the oxygen that our bodies need in order remain functional.

The BREATH OF LIFE is the element that provides consciousness and individuality to our existence as human creatures. And, just as significant, it EMPOWERS our physical bodies to “automatically” maintain the action of breathing in AIR.  Therefore, without the BREATH OF LIFE we would not be able to perform the action of breathing.

Have you ever tried speaking while inhaling? You can’t. When you speak it is accomplished by exhaling.  The air from your lungs passes over the speech organs to form the words which your MIND decided to publish to the world, but the WORDS that you speak are generated by your BREATH OF LIFE. To be more correct, it is the MIND of your BREATH OF LIFE that formulates the words coming out of your mouth.

Gone missing – Brain Power

It is important to note that the only role your BRAIN plays in this is to take the instruction from your BREATH OF LIFE to mechanically utilize the speech organs for the words about to emanate FROM the MIND of your BREATH OF LIFE. The speech section of the brain “orchestrates” this action.

It should also be borne in mind that the brain is “alive” ONLY because of the BREATH OF LIFE within your physical body.  The brain of a dead person is also dead for the simple reason that the BREATH OF LIFE no longer inhabits that dead body. In other words, the necessary consciousness no longer exists within that body. The REAL LIFE of that person, that is, the BREATH OF LIFE, was the consciousness of that body and it “took” that consciousness with it when it departed from that body. In effect, that person is still alive but has moved on to its ETERNAL DESTINY.

Every person born into this world receives that BREATH OF LIFE from God, which makes him a LIVING SOUL.  It is, therefore, the SOUL that departs from the physical body upon the demise of the body. No offence or disrespect, but have you ever heard a word come out of the body of a dead person? Our relatives and friends that have passed on are still as conscious as they were when they occupied the Earth. And they are still thinking and speaking, albeit either fearfully or joyfully.

So what is the point?

A top priority decision

Most of the 7 billion people on this Earth still have a decision to make. They have to DECIDE where they want to go to when their physical bodies give in (whatever the cause of it) and their BREATH OF LIFE departs with all the accumulated content of their CONSCIOUS SOULS. If they make no decision, then there is only one place they can go to without the possibility of a redirection.  (When it comes to small children the picture is a little different, but it is the subject of another discussion)

Here lies the problem. The vast majority of the 7 billion people are living their lives in nonchalant fashion, perhaps not even aware of the situation and, in actual fact, most are wilfully ignoring this truth until it is too late. Given the fact that their very existence is due to the God-given BREATH OF LIFE within them, one would think that they would make a point of delving into it. There is an URGENCY to listen to and heed the truth.

Dismiss that enemy

There is, of course, a very good reason for our blindness – it is spiritually invoked by an enemy that is holding the world in bondage by plunging it into frenzied activity called entertainment in many different forms and degrees of depravity. This enemy has also instilled into the minds of LIVING SOULS that God is a myth and that embarrassment is attached to the very mention of His Name.

MAKING A DECISION to continue life with unspeakable joy and freedom while still in this world and, most importantly, after physical death, is straightforward. It takes a willing ear, God-instilled faith, and a confession by the MIND of your BREATH OF LIFE while your brain is still in a position to hear from your BREATH OF LIFE and instruct your mouth to utter that confession.

Yes, 7 billion LIVING SOULS woke up this morning. A great many also need to wake up to the Good News of Jesus Christ – and live.  


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