Monday, December 18

IS Clooney Right?

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Who doesn’t know these commercials?  Hollywood-icon George Clooney has lent his public image to Nespresso in order to enforce their already successful product and marketing formula. Together with John Malkovich (who has also played in a considerable amount of movies) ,  who in a fun way portrays the Almighty as a Nespresso-addict, he pushes the fame  of this espresso-capsule giant even further.  

Is coffee cool?

This coffee apparently is. Otherwise the makers of this ad campaign would have chosen Steve Buscemi and Edward Norton to promote their product. With an actor like Clooney you choose  the image of a well-traveled man, who radiates arrogance because he gets away with it. The kind of man that other men secretly would want to be; the kind that women fall for by the hundreds, but totally tongue-in-cheek of course.  

But can coffee really be cool? Nespresso is obviously so different from other coffee, that this unusual connection between coolness and espresso in cups, that is far-fetched to say the least, is easily accepted by many watching the Nespresso commercials.  

There is accounting for taste

Fortunately we can still test the ‘message’ of any advertisement against our own opininion, or taste in this case. Coffee enthusiasts choose the coffee they like, or the one that comes in a convenient form, or the one they find affordable, just to mention a few potentially crucial factors.
To make a good choice from the huge amount of options, you must be well-informed  these days. With the right sources of information, you know there are many alternatives. The internet is great to get info about anything, including Nespresso capsules.  Whether or not you choose Clooney’s coffee or not, if you have the right info you can at least compare alternatives.

The “Nespresso cupsbads” featuring  Clooney are really popular, but do they affect people in their choices?  In this article the power of advertisements is set against the option to base your choice on information, in this case about “Nespresso capsules kopen.


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