Cricket World Cup 2011- Unite The World

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For all cricket fans Cricket World Cup 2011 is here. Cricket is one of the sports which is played and celebrated like festival all over the world. Whether you are in stadium or watching television, the delighted and cheerful audience will increase your heart beat. Each and every ball played in the match is seen with so much enthusiasm that single line of joy can easily be seen on people faces.

Remarkable thing is that before starting the game, a tribute is paid to the countries national anthem and flag. The respect and love that is shown for each other brings people of different culture together. Everyone knows about bitterness of India-Pakistan relations, which even sweeps away in shadows of game spirit. Cricket world cup is more like a ritual festival which is celebrated religiously all over the world.

This ICC World Cup 2011 is the 10th world cup. People are so fond of this game that whatever place they are they don’t forget to check the scores. The similar bat and ball is surprisingly so interesting that keeps you engrossed in the game till the end. And yes, not to forget the commentary that makes it even more eloquent. It’s such a popular game which even becomes the theme for movies.

There are different types of cricket matches like: one day match, test match, T20 cricket and many more. In recent times, T20 cricket matches had gained a lot of popularity. A cricket match is played between two teams of 11 players each. Before the sport commences, a coin is tossed and the team captain who win the toss decides whether to ball or bat first. On field there are two umpires who keep a check that game is played within the rules and regulations. There is also a third umpire who makes decisions by seeing the video of match.

There are such cricket lovers who even made their franchise. They select players from different countries to make a team of their own. This induces coalition of different cultures. Players forget their religion, caste and become a single team and play together as a team. Along with them, people from different countries also feel to be one. Truly, Cricket World Cup brought union of cultures.  


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